Undefined Podcast Sponsorship

If you’re hiring, launching a new product, managing an event, or doing anything else to help designers and developers level up, we’d love to help.

What is The Undefined Podcast?

The only engineering podcast with a 2 drink minimum! Full stack developers Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler have peer-to-peer conversations with world-class engineers about software development. This isn’t another beginner-focused software how-to show, but rather a podcast for the industry insiders by industry insiders. About Our Hosts... Both Jared and Ken are prolific in the open source enthusiasts and each has created some of the most popular frontend libraries and fullstack development tools in the world.

Some combined stats between Ken & Jared:

  • 125k+ GitHub stars
  • 55k+ Twitter Followers
  • 10k+ GitHub Followers

What Our Audience is Saying About The Show

Audience Size and Breakdown

Our episodes receive an average of 7,000 downloads. Our live shows (streamed to YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope) average 4,000 viewers. While exact numbers are hard to get, here are a few bits of info about our audience that should give you an idea of who is listening:

  • The geographic makeup of the audience consists of 45% USA, 8% United Kingdom, 5% Germany, 4% India, 3% Australia, 2% Sweden, 2% Norway, 2% Poland, 2% Netherlands. The rest of the audience is fairly well distributed between the rest of Europe, Brazil, and India.
  • Of those who listen in the browser, 80% use Chrome, 13% Safari, and 7% Firefox.
  • Of those who listen on phones, it's roughly 80% iPhone users and 20% Android users.
  • According to Twitter Analytics, 54% of our audience has a household income greater than $75,000 USD, 31% greater than $150,000 USD. The top computed "lifestyle type" is Online Buyers and top computed “buying style” is Premium Brands.

Audience Interests

The Undefined.fm audience is primarily advanced software developers. In fact, we consciously do not cater to entry-level developers, as there are lots of other podcasts that focus on that audience. Instead, we approach each show as a peer-to-peer conversation with the world’s best engineers. Thus, half of the shows focus on advanced technical skills or methods, while the others focus on soft skills and/or topics tangentially related to development.

The audience's technical interests include, but are not limited to:

  • JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue
  • CSS libraries, frameworks
  • GraphQL
  • JavaScript utility libraries
  • Server-side / universal JavaScript
  • Graphics and Data viz (d3, canvas)
  • Alternative syntax/supersets TypeScript, Flow, Reason, Elm
  • Full stack engineering
  • Build tooling and developer experience
  • Software design patterns and methodologies

On the soft skills/culture side, the audience has an appetite for the following topics:

  • Self-improvement & productivity
  • Freelancing and running small businesses
  • Engineering management and team building
  • Tech culture
  • Office life
  • Remote work
  • Marketing & passive income
  • Work/life balance
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Premium products — Jared and Ken feature top “Picks” each episode which is a product or service they’ve been enjoying

What You’ll Get & Pricing

We have found that we get the best results for our advertisers when they sponsor at least three shows. Currently each sponsor spot is $1,000 USD per episode with a minimum of three episodes, though this price will increase as our audience does. Single show sponsorships are $1,200.

As part of the sponsorship package, you'll get:

  1. A sponsorship section at the top of the episode show notes. These notes will be listed on both the Undefined.fm website as well as on each user's mobile device as they listen to the podcast. This is a great opportunity to list any coupon codes or unique links you'd like listeners to click on.
  2. A mention and single line at the top of the show. For example, Jared or Ken might say, This episode is sponsored by Clubhouse.io. It’s my new favorite agile project management software; we switched from Jira to Clubhouse around 3 months ago and haven’t looked back and we’ll talk about why partway through the show.
  3. A 1-2 min sponsor spot midway during the episode. While we can do a regular ad read, we have found that having Ken or Jared talk about the product or service and their experience with it gives it authenticity.
  4. A thank-you tweet from @theundefinedio with a link to your product or service from the show's Twitter account.

Contact Us

Please send us an email if you are interested in working together and sponsoring the podcast.